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5 Reasons You Should Host Your Website In Iceland

Iceland may not be the obvious choice of location when looking to host your website, but in this article I will tell you why I think it is the best choice.

1. Great Data Centres

In the last few years, a number of cutting edge, high tech data centres have been built in Iceland. These data centres are secure, fast and reliable. They use superior hardware and are run by industry leading engineers. It is Iceland's ambition to grow this sector of their economy and a great deal of money has been invested in getting this right.

2. Eco Friendly

These high tech data centres are also environmentally friendly. Iceland is volcanic, and green, renewable, geo thermally generated electricity powers most of the island, including these data centres. If you host a website in Iceland, you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment.

3. Ideal Location

Iceland is uniquely located in the mid Atlantic, it is located right between Europe and North America. If you are making a website which targets these regions, Iceland is the perfect location. A website hosted here will be responsive in USA, Canada, UK and Western Europe. If you host your website in USA, your website may be sluggish in Europe and vice versa. Iceland offers the best solution without having to host your website in multiple data centres.

4. Freedom Of Speech

Iceland is a fantastic choice of hosting location if you care about your freedom of speech. Iceland has excellent freedom of expression legislation. The parliament have recently passed laws to make their island a new media haven. Iceland has been called the Switzerland of hosting. It is not part of the USA and is not subject to NSA spying. It is also not part of the EU it's privacy laws are stronger than those of the EU.

5. Fantastic Price

When hosting a website, the price is often a strong factor. Despite the great strategic location and great technology and security, the price is less than many main land alternatives. You can easily host your blog, forum or any other site for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month.

Best Icelandic Host

I believe the best host in Iceland is Orange Website. This host offers all the advantages mentioned above, but it also goes further.

Orange Website is a well established company. They are passionate about their hosting and are run by dedicated experts. I personally host my websites (including this one) on Orange Website and can vouch for their great support. I have logged help desk requests in the past and these have often been answered and resolved within 10 minutes. And yes, like most Icelanders, the support staff speak perfect English.

Orange Website believes strongly in the privacy of its customers. You can join and host a website anonymously. The only bit of information that is mandatory is an email address, and this is only for when they need to contact you. You can also register domain names anonymously and pay for it all with Bitcoins. Orange Website will strongly guard your details. They actively refuse requests for information about their customer's from any third party company or government organisation.

You can host your website on Orange Website for as little as £2.95 per month. The control panel is simple and intuitive and you can set up over 70 popular sites like Wordpress or Prestashop in a few clicks.

Join Orange Website today and get your perfect site up and running in minutes.

Host your blog or forum anonymously and securely for £2.95/mth

Web hosting in Iceland - OrangeWebsite.com Web hosting in Iceland - OrangeWebsite.com