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How To Host An Anonymous Secure Blog

There are many reasons you may want to host an anonymous blog. You may be a journalist, you may want to protect your sources and protect your own identity. This article shows you how you can quickly and cheaply set up a blog online. This blog can be anonymous, secure and free from government spying by hosting it in Iceland.

Although Iceland may not be the obvious choice of countries to host your blog, I believe it is the best if you value anonymity and security.

Hosting In Iceland

In the last decade, Iceland has built a number of cutting edge datacentres. These data centres are secure and 100% green, powered by geo thermal energy. Iceland has very forward thinking and progressive freedom of expression legislation. Iceland is not part of the USA and is not subject to the much criticised spying laws. Iceland is also not part of the EU. Its privacy laws are stronger than those of the EU. In 2010 the Icelandic parliament passed a proposal to make their country a new media haven. Iceland has become known as the Switzerland of data hosting. 

Orange Website Is The Best Host

I believe the greatest of the Icelandic hosts is Orange Website. This is a long established stable company. They believe strongly in freedom of speech and believe strongly in protecting the details of their customers. Orange Website store very minimal data on their customers and they do not share these details with any third parties. They do not reveal details to and government organisations and actively refuse requests for customer information.

Orange Website allows you to buy hosting and domain names anonymously without having to supply any personal details. They also allow payment by Bitcoins to provide further anonymity.

Orange Website hosting is also cheap. You can host your blog for as little as £2.95 ($3.60, €3.50) per month.

So, How Do You Set Up Your Blog.

If you are a developer, then you are probably used to setting up a website, but what if you are a writer or a journalist? What if you have no experience of setting up a website?

Orange Website uses an application called Softaculous. Softaculous allows you to set up a website in just a couple of clicks. To set up a Ghost or Wordpress blog, you don't need any knowledge of coding of databases. Setting up a new blog on Orange Website can be done in 5 minutes with no technical knowledge.

Host your Ghost or Wordpress blog anonymously and securely for £2.95/mth

Web hosting in Iceland - OrangeWebsite.com Web hosting in Iceland - OrangeWebsite.com